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  • unsubordinate — adj. * * * …   Universalium

  • Hamar — Infobox Kommune name=Hamar idnumber=0403 county=Hedmark landscape=Hedemarken capital=Hamar governor=Einar Busterud ( By og bygdelista The City and Rural areas Party) governor as of=2004 arearank=257 area=351 arealand=338 areapercent=0.11… …   Wikipedia

  • insubordinate — adj 1. unsubordinate, defiant, rebellious; insurrectional, mutinous, revolting, seditious, insurgent, riotous, revolutionary; anarchistic, lawless. 2. disobedient, refractory, recalcitrant, contumacious; undutiful, uncomplying, noncomplying,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • restive — adj 1. restless, uneasy, nervous, unquiet, impatient. See restless(def. 2). 2. refractory, fractious, disobedient, recalcitrant, contumacious; undutiful, uncomplying, noncomply ing, uncompliant, noncompliant, noncooperative, uncooperative;… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder